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Earl Pototskyy in the history of Ovidiopol

As you start  wondering  what kind of people visited at different times Adzhider fortress - you become very surprised. Why is this place, once very momentous in the life of the Russian Empire, left "to die", taking with it into the abyss of time destinies and events that have been inextricably linked to her...


Adzhiderska fortress in the historical documents. Joseph de Ribas

Such a large-scale and time-consuming undertaking as an archaeological expedition requires serious preparation material base, an insane amount of approvals and solid scientific basis. Before laying  the first pit, our historians have done enormous work on collecting information about Adzhider fortress in various historical sources.


Boris Letstsano - The Forgotten hero of Lyman

It was a brilliant time, the end of XVIII century, somewhere between the Danube and the Bug. What kind of people - Potemkin, Suvorov, Nassau-Siegen, de Ribas, John Paul Jones! What events - Kinburn, Ochakov Fidonisi, Focsani, Rymnik! What are the consequences - Odessa belle!


Francis P. De Wolan - one of the founders of the fortress Adzhider

Francis P. De Wolan (20/09/1752, Antwerp - 11.30.1818, St. Petersburg) - Brabant nobleman. Since the end of 1787, he served in the Russian Army as a military engineer. Member of Russian-Turkish war of 1787 1791g.g.


New Russia. History of the region - the main milestones of the chronicles

Briefly about the residents. Until the middle of the XI century, the area was inhabited by Buzhane, Uglich, Tivertsy, Torquay, Pechenegs, Khazars. Until the middle of the XIII century, Cumans were the dominant population. Later, the south-western part was the occupied by Lithuanians, and the rest was roaming Tatars, who contributed to the treatment of the country in the steppe.


The tomb of Ovid

The tomb of Ovid - the code name of ancient Greek tomb which modern archaeologists date not later than the IV century. BC. e. Found in the 1793-1794 years by the shore of the Dniester estuary by Russian soldiers (along with several other graves) during the construction of the Adzidersky moat of the fortress at a depth of about 10 feet (304.8 cm).


Adzhiderskaya (Ovidiopolska) fortress

Adzhiderskaya (Ovidiopolska) fortress - is located on the left bank of the Dniester estuary, opposite from Ackermann. After the edict of the Empress Catherine II to join Ochakovo region (01/26/1792) F.P. de Volan developed the project and cost a plan of construction of the fortress



Adzhider (Hadjider Gadzhider etc.; Turkic - the bitter Valley) - town and port based in the Ottoman Empire. First mentioned 10/13/1758, and then in the during  1764-1765 years  as a port with warehouses of grain intended for import to Istanbul and the Crimea


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