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Proposal for children's summer camps

The historical center of tourism and practical archeology offers a leisure, for your children to visit the Expedition 53.

The program Expedition 53 for children is an entertaining hour and a half tour of the archaeological expedition at the camp of the Lower Dniester Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, situated on the territory of the fortress Adzhider. An overview and orientation program is held outdoors, on the Dnestr estuary with a professional guide.

The program includes a visit to the excavation site with a detailed story on the progress of the scientific research, and inspection of field exposure of archaeological finds, divided into several epochs. Children become familiar with the objects discovered in the excavations of ancient settlements (amphorae, jugs, and other ceramic items), as well as findings related to the history of Suvorov's fortress Adzhider (soldiers' buttons, coins, badges, bullets, etc.) as well as sham gun at the time. A special place in the museum is devoted to attributes of the Great Patriotic War, discovered by search engines of Military History Center "Memory and Glory" in Ovidiopolsky area.

At the end a tour guide will answer all of the questions.

There is a space set aside to relax in the shade. Stretched tents where kids can take a break from the sun. Soft drinks (sweet and mineral water) are included in the price.

Children without a hat are not allowed to the excursion!

Tour starts at 10:00 am
Duration of the tour - 1.5 hours
The cost of child ticket - 80 UAH

The price does not include transportation!

The program of children's tour:

We meet a bus with a group of children in a field camp of archaeologists. After the arrival is a short safety briefing and introductory story about the aims of the expedition, its scientific basis and its current state.

Kids will be able to watch the work of our volunteers and archaeologists on excavations and tour guide will give more information about search engine operation. The uncovered part of the ancient settlement will provide an opportunity to see the remains of walls and houses of our ancestors, which will help a younger generation to form a correct understanding of the past.

For more information,
or to order children's tour please contact us!
by phone: (048) 743-35-72, (097) 808-87-78
or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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