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Articles and Publications

Treasures of the Odessa region number 6. Mikhailovskaya (Sarmatian) Princess

In the Odessa region once the treasure was discovered that got an elegant comic name in archaeological circles - "Mikhailovskaya princess." Unique finding was a rich burial of a young woman (age about 25 years) of one of the Sarmatian tribes, which contained her jewelry

It goes without saying that the nickname finding got from the place where it was detected - a village Mihailovka Odessa area. Surprisingly, the tomb was found by accident. Or rather, the excavations in the area were made, but the purpose of the expedition was a great ancient burial mound, and the researchers were looking for items of much earlier era. However, at the next time they passed with a bulldozer, scientists have paid attention to the wood fragment that was the top of the final resting place of Mikhailovska princess. If you start to talk about all the circumstances that contributed to the discovery, there won`t be enough time! The expedition with all its members described in the original source everything and every detail of their adventure. (http://receptidocs.ru/docs/index-15365.html?page=18) In short - money were sorely lacking, we were digging on the enthusiasm, we drank a lot of vodka, and mined technology in general as we could. You bet, the Soviet Union! Would not have developed as circumstances "socialist realism", so that Tatarbunary PMK had an urgent need to rapidly deploy bulldozers and draw out far away, the expedition would not see any mechanical assistance mission or Sarmatian princess. However, it was interesting , the Union and that its unpredictability often stood at the origins of something incredibly great. It happened at this time. Instead of one or two bulldozers, archaeologists got a fleet of vehicles! Thanks to which they found buried artifact. As a safety precaution, the residents of the Sarmatian tribe made their burial mound itself slightly lower, probably in the hope that ashes of their tribeswoman was not disturbed by the descendants. This kind of tricks was frequently accessed by many ancient tribes and nationalities. For example, the burial of the Huns are still found only by chance, because of the extremely complex system of disposal and compliance with all the rules of secrecy. Most often, those who prepared the burial place of the same security reasons, destroyed, then destroyed their killers - the last witnesses. And only after that, the burial was considered well hidden from looting.

Now you can imagine how lucky were our scientists! After 20 centuries, they uncovered a well secretive burial! Inside the sarcophagus (age finds near the I century AD) Andrew Dobrolyubsky (a member of the expedition and the author of the finds) found a well-preserved female skeleton, dotted with golden fragments of the once very rich clothing. Skeleton was nicknamed princess because on the females skull was a gold diadem, next to the temple, and relies on the Sarmatian ceremony, there was a large gold earring funeral. On the hands were large gold bracelets. Chest of the "princess" was decorated with beautiful and very massive necklace, bezel which was decorated with heavy jewels. In the sacrum spot scientists cleared a full glass jar (found stored in Odessa Archaeological Museum), and a small mirror - unmistakable luxury at the time.

Unfortunately, due to the negligence of the chief of the expedition, rules for the extraction and description of the findings were not followed, that’s why much of the material has not been published or codified. It is a pity, because there are only about a dozen of this kind of burials, and all of them are exactly Sarmatian women. Matriarchy? Hard to say. To assert such, it is necessary to break the code of Sarmatian culture, and it means - to find more graves and make even more discoveries and valid conclusions. In one of the scientific papers (http://historylib.org/historybooks/Dzigovskiy-A-N-_Ocherki-istorii-sarmatov-Karpato-Dneprovskikh-zemel/8) there is made a conclusion that Mikhailovska village concealed Sarmatian burial priestess, not a princess. This conclusion was made because of the many ornaments belonging to the cult of Dionisana in almost all the findings. In ancient Greek religion they were linked mainly with the cult of Dionysus-Zagreus and Demeter.

Surprises another! Nowhere on the web you can find photos of the finds! There is only one - and the quality is not so good. What is the reason of such silence it is difficult to understand, because the treasures of this level simply must be submitted to the people in one of the main museums in the country, because this kind of treasure is the province of the people! We don’t want Sarmatian treasure to be the subject of banal lottery or criminal negligence. Although they may be in some museum, that we do not know about ... Well, if there's any more precise data, we are happy to publish them.

Valery Sinkovsky, based on sites:




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