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The tomb of Ovid

The tomb of Ovid - the code name of ancient Greek tomb which modern archaeologists date not later than the IV century. BC. e. Found in the 1793-1794 years by the shore of the Dniester estuary by Russian soldiers (along with several other graves) during the construction of the Adzidersky moat of the fortress at a depth of about 10 feet (304.8 cm).

Many scientists and lovers of antiques right away mistakenly identified it as a grave of the Roman poet Ovid Nazon (20/03/43 BC Sulmona, Іtaliy - 18 AD, Toma, modern. Romania). They insisted on this version also because the Dnestr estuary at the time had the name of the Moldavian lake Vidove or Oviduluy (Sheep). The drawings of the tomb made by F.P.De Wollan, have been published in the books of academician P.S. Pallas and Englishwoman M.Gatri. The tomb had the appearance of a box of 5 stones of ashlar limestone. Inside there was a human bone, charcoal, broken pottery amphorae and two large whole amphoras. Not far, but in a different grave have found terracotta head of "a beautiful woman" (height of 3 inches - 7.62 cm) with a Greek profile, and hair of the goddess Diana P.S. Pallas granted it as a bust of a home-goddess Penaty, that was buried with the dead.


Other authors have seen in terracotta the image of Julia the Junior (in writing of Julia Agrippina, who died in 28 AD) - granddaughter of the Roman Emperor Augustus from his daughter Julia the Elderwith whose name has associated the fate of exiled Ovid. Note that by the end of XVІII century the legend about the burial of Ovid somewhere in the Northern Black Sea was widely distributed. Some authors simply placed there a town of Toma, and some relied on the story of Volyn Polish gentleman Voynussky, who served as elder at terebovelsky Pretvicha, and probably personally found the tomb of Ovid. In 1581, along with a Voynussky, German scientist L.Myuller visited this place. According to him, it was on the west, at the distance of six days journey from the Dnieper River, not far from the coast and was once "stood on the border of Greece and was populated, as seen in the piles of old stones and beautiful source." That's where they saw TOMB stone with an inscription in Latin:


"So, this tomb - the fate of the person who has enraged August of Latin and he commanded to send him here."

"Dead Man" has often expressed a desire to be buried in his fathers land. Not in vain - the fate gave him exactly that place."

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