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Articles and Publications

Treasures of the Odessa region number 6. Mikhailovskaya (Sarmatian) Princess

In the Odessa region once the treasure was discovered that got an elegant comic name in archaeological circles - "Mikhailovskaya princess." Unique finding was a rich burial of a young woman (age about 25 years) of one of the Sarmatian tribes, which contained her jewelry


Treasures of the Odessa region № 5. Orlovsky treasure

Perhaps one of the most famous and expensive treasures discovered in the vicinity of Odessa, so called Orlovsky treasure. Found in it precious coins from the ancient city Cyzicus still ranks second in the world among the hoards of coins according to their value and quantity...


Treasures of the Odessa region number 4. Borodino treasure. Part 2

As promised, now we will have a detailed look at the subjects of Borodino (Bessarabian) treasure. Shapes and patterns of all finds were unique, unparalleled in any known ancient cultures...


Historical tourism or cultural excursions to the Odessa region

Thirst for knowledge of the world and its history - is an integral part of human beings, which has marked the beginning of such a fun and rewarding business as historical tourism. Gradually superficial tours on the general sights in the area are fading, more and more tourists want to find a "rarity" or to look "behind the scenes" of conventional business card of the country or the city, and find something worth attention and... knowledge ...


Treasures of the Odessa region number 3. The treasure of Borodino. Part 1

Borodino or more known as Bessarabian treasure was discovered a little over a hundred years ago - in 1912. In the same year revealed the Seima burial in the Volga region. At first glance - nothing in common, but in both places have been found similar metal objects. 


Treasures of the Odessa region № 2. Gold of Haidamaks

In continuation of our series of stories about treasures Odessa region, we could not ignore the sensational one year ago in Odessa media a story about the treasure Haidamaks that under assumptions of hunters themselves, just had to pull $ 30 million!


Treasures of the Odessa region № 1. Gold of Attila

On the river bank of Ialpug employees of Izmail museum found additional materials to the sensational at the time, "gold of Attila." Dated to the end of the IV - beginning of V century AD (Great Migration of Peoples)...


Geography treasures № 3. The map or the metal detector?

Quite a few on a globe of a treasure hunter and places to look for treasures of the Stone Age and Bronze Age. Archaeologists have developed a technique that allows to determine by local relief whether its sites of ancient man. There is only one "but" in working with maps of different times and imposing them on the modern relief.


Festival- presentation of tourism of Belgorod-Dniester region

Where it would be better to hold the Tourism Festival in the Belgorod-Dniester region? That's right - in Nikolaevka... Let's face it - you can find a more known place and not so far away and the popular "beach" party in the Carolino Bugaz or Zatoka...


Geography treasure number 2. Mangazeya - Myth or Reality?

We are continuing and, as promised, let's start with Mangazeya. Legends about this rich city in the far north have been around for many centuries, but still remains unanswered the main question - Mangazeya - Myth or Reality?


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