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Articles and Publications

Historical tourism or cultural excursions to the Odessa region

Thirst for knowledge of the world and its history - is an integral part of human beings, which has marked the beginning of such a fun and rewarding business as historical tourism. Gradually superficial tours on the general sights in the area are fading, more and more tourists want to find a "rarity" or to look "behind the scenes" of conventional business card of the country or the city, and find something worth attention and... knowledge ...

Everyone loves to travel, but everyone does it differently - everyone pursues their own personal goals. One need to reset the accumulated fatiguefor, it is enough for them to spend time at the beach for days, and in the evenings - to drink beer in the numerous coastal bars. Others spend all the time in search of beautiful places for pictures, to report it to the Social Networks showing the uniqueness of their holidays or show off new clothes in front of virtual admirer or friends. An elementary change of scenery and the "falling out" from the working rhythm - already is rest, which will be long remembered with tenderness through the whole working year, and if also visit some tours (to take pictures), we can say that the stay (on standard measures of the average vacationer) was a success. But what if it was not like at all?

And after all our health (including psychological) directly depends on how well the brain managed to rehabilitate from multiple stresses at work during the holidays, escape from everyday life and find a new food (as strange as it sounds) to think about. Misconception that the brain needs to relax and not think about anything- no more than a utopia. It will be thinking anyways, but about what - it is another question. If that was true, then how can appear a desire to see other countries and cities, to plunge into their culture, mingle with the locals, learn their customs and traditions, enjoy their national cuisine? That's right - from the need for knowledge! That is why the primitive recreational activities, as described above, though still popular, but the number of their supporters is rapidly declining, increasing army of those tourists who are looking for a vacation that is something more than just "doing nothing."

Once upon a time, in what was once the largest country in the world with short name called the Soviet Union, tourism (and with it the psychological health of the citizens of the country) has been allotted a separate pedestal. The whole industry was engaged in a harmonious development of the individual, his physical fitness and health, to significantly improve the welfare of the people. A comprehensive approach to satisfy the time necessary for a person needs in his physical and cultural development. Already then realized that tourism - is not only recreation, but also sightseeing tours, traveling with elements of different types of outdoor activities, and most importantly - a major cultural, educational and informative program for each and everyone.

Is there any alternative today? Of course, there are still travel clubs (frail followers of a good legacy), but it is more special interest clubs, rather than places of mass pilgrimage of tourists. Today it is easier to book a tour into some exotic country and to "see a lot, try cool food, take cool pics" right on the spot, while forgetting that tourism in the highest of its best expression can exist literally "under the nose". Who among Odessa citizens went on a tour of their city and its famous surroundings? Units. This is mainly those who came originally from the Soviet Union, where familiarity with native land was laid the foundation of the state policy in the work with children and young people. Today our children reduce, perhaps, at the Dolphinarium or water park. And this, of course is necessary, but where cognition and knowledge of their own history? From here there is the other utopian idea that since we live in Odessa, we know everything about it.

But the history of Odessa region - is not only famous catacombs and Akerman fortress. Many cultures and nations lived on our lands in different time intervals, leaving a memory, imprinted in the priceless historical finds and materials.

Poster EN 1

Poster EN 1

Of course, now is not the best time for a State to threw all the problems and come to grips with the restoration of old or ancient monuments. Not the right time. But this does not mean that it does not need to do something with it! EXteam company decided to fill the gap and give the Odessa region forgotten monument of history - Adzhider fortress. The project, as you know is complicated, lengthy and laborious. All the proper scientific research, must be performed, all of the finds need to be organized and described, stratigraphy of the cuts needs to be done in the excavations. First, science, as you know, well, guests - later. To make the research process more transparent and clear, it was decided from the first day of the expedition to invite tourists to the excavations. Organizing Committee of the expedition decided to go "back in time" and fill the modern tourism with historical sense. In addition, we offer not just to watch the work of archaeologists, but also to personally take part in the search! And this is the European level. It's a pity that our, domestic tourists, are not ready to plunge into the massive archaeological wonder.

It is encouraging that all reviews on the visit of the expedition 53 are positive. People are interested. For lots of people participation in the excavation, for some reason, is associated with digging in the country, why there is an uncomfortable feeling that people are needed to make it work for their own money! This is plainly not the right idea. It does not digging you need to do here, you need to look here! And this - the fundamental difference.

Have you ever found the subject two centuries old? A thousand years old? On Or expedition were found objects, dating from the beginning, and even VI-V millennium BC! Have you ever had an opportiunity to even touch that kind of artifacts? Did you try to look for them? This is what distinguishes archaeological tourism as one of the branches of historical tourism, from all other types of intellectual and cognitive rest.

This, if you want, is a special type of vacation that is very popular among people in the developed countries, and in spite of the impressive value of such tours abroad, people are happy to spend lots of money on such tours. We have everything the same - only cheaper, more accessible and more interesting. Because we are just starting this kind of activity in Ukraine and our goal is to make the archaeological tourism popular and widespread

Valery Sinkovsky



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