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Archaeological tourism in Odessa in search of treasure!

eXteam company offers a unique opportunity to dive into a real life of the archaeological expedition and look behind the veil of time! "Expedition-53" - is an opportunity to participate in the work of the archaeological expedition and  gain practical skills of treasure hunting.

We will teach you how work with special equipment and give you a chance to try your luck in the search of artifacts!

Search is carried out in the area of ancient settlements and Adzhider fortress, which was built during 1792-1795., That A.V. Suvorov visited twice.

We offer:


  • Arrival to the camp of the archaeological expedition
  • Brief History
  • Instruction and training to work on the search equipment
  • Practice (extra work with a metal detector)
  • Memory photo (3 hours later)
  • Departure

Three-days tour

  • Full participation in the work of the expedition from Friday to Sunday
  • Stay on the excavations from 9am till 6pm
  • Staying night at the base of rest "Chaika-2", Gribovka (extra payment)

How to get a 5% discount?

For more information or to make a request,

please call: (048) 743-35-72, (097) 808-87-78

The "Expedition-53organized by the company "eXteam" mutually with Nizhdnestrovska  archaeological expedition of the National Institute of Archaeology of NAN (National Academy of Sciences) of Ukraine, under the direction of Doctor of Historical Sciences I.V.Sapozhnikov, with the support of the public organization "Center of Military History "Memory and Glory" and public organization "Coast Ovid"

Project partner: Company DAS (Digital & Analog Systems) - Metal Detectors in Ukraine from the best manufacturers.

We are waiting for you:

Odessa region, Ovidiopol, st. Suvorov

(in front of the house number 70 turn to the coast) 

fortress Adzhider



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