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France in Adzhider

During the excavation of the barracks were found two pieces of a metal plat which resembles a corrosive piece of brass. But it was not so easy to survey...

Геральди́ческая ли́лия (фр. fleur de lys, дословно «цветок лилии», или лилия)

After primary purification was detected a pattern on it, a fleur-de-lis (French fleur de lys), a lily flower,a heraldic symbol of the French royal dynasty of Capet-Valois-Bourbon. In all probability, a such artifact - it's part of round medallion pendant. Yes! This is where fantasy joined the expedition process!

Though not for long. The numismatic and heraldic analysis showed that this type of fleur de lis (the pointed flower petals which raised up its rhizomes), it is typical for the late, post Napoleonic Bourbon, Louis XVIII and Charles X.

20 франков, Карл X
20 франков, Карл X - 20 франков, Карл X
Монета Людовика XVIII
Монета Людовика XVIII - Монета Людовика XVIII

To be honest, we were very disappointed at the moment, because have been ready to sign the medallion to the era of Peter the Great Prince of Moldavia I Musat which placed a fleur-de-lis on the reverse of their coins.

Монета великого князя Молдавии Петра I Мушата

Монета великого князя Молдавии Петра I Мушата - Монета великого князя Молдавии Петра I Мушата

And Jeoffrey de Lannoy - is an one of the first fifteen Cavaliers of the the famous Burgundian Order of the Golden Fleece. Lannoy was traveling a short distance, at least he definitely was in Akkerman.

We were even ready to consider "our" fleur-de-lis like a consequence of escape from Poland King Henry of Anjou.
As is known, Henry could not work with a Slavic democracy, so he have refused the Polish crown and "ran" to home to France, where he became the King Henry III.
Unfortunately, these stories we will tell another time.

Арман Эммануэль София-Септимани де Виньеро дю Плесси, граф де Шинон, 5-ого герцог Ришельё

Арман Эммануэль София-Септимани де Виньеро дю Плесси, граф де Шинон, 5-ого герцог Ришельё - Арман Эммануэль София-Септимани де Виньеро дю Плесси, граф де Шинон, 5-ого герцог Ришельё

Our fleur-de-lis is a piece of cheap jewelry of the 19th century, obviously belonged to someone of the servants. Whose servants? Given our tendency to the creation of "legends Adzhider", it could be a servant or a Sofia-Armand Emmanuel de Septimania Vignerie du Plessis, Count de Chinon, 5th Duke of Richelieu, (fr. Armand Emmanuel Sophie Septemanie de Vignerot du Plessis, 5th duc de Richelieu; September 25, 1766, Paris - 17 May 1822), or the Count Alexander Fedorovich Langeron, January 13, 1763, Paris - July 4, 1831, St. Petersburg). Richelieu, or our "beloved" Duke, from 1803, was the mayor, but afrom 1805 to 1814 was the Governor General in Odessa. But he was never a Russian citizen and always felt and considered himself a patrial of the King of France. After the final restoration of the Bourbons, Richelieu went to Paris to become there a Prime Minister of King Louis XVIII.

граф Алекса́ндр Фёдорович Ланжеро́н

граф Алекса́ндр Фёдорович Ланжеро́н - граф Алекса́ндр Фёдорович Ланжеро́н

Comte de Langeron have succeeded and replaced a Richelieu at the Odessa mayor's office, which were colleagues since the youth and since the storming of Izmail. Langeron was a General of Infantry (above only by Field Marshal) of the Russian Imperial Army, although he has not mastered the Russian language to the end of life and was a fierce fan of his "historic homeland" - la belle France. So, perhaps, our medallion belonged to someone from his environment.

It's an one of the "legends of the Adzhider" , but certainly one: the finding of the image of French fleur de lis shows that France has left its mark in our fortress.

- "happy" because was one of the survivors of the massacre of French prisoners,
arranged by King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

Sergei Sudnik

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