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Articles and Publications

EXteam visiting Extreme party

Our partners from the Extreme Party, we believe, don’t need a special introduction. A few people do not know this brand of tourism, among the people who have chosen the extreme, unforgettable in every way, rest. The other day we were in a rafting camp of extreme party on the Southern Bug River, located on the island of MIG (in the National Park "Buzko Garde").

Note that this camp – is one of the first professional schools of rafting in Ukraine, absorbing into its ranks the most famous and experienced explorers of the water element. About the beauty of the island MIG we should speak separately (there are other names of island such as Landishevaya, Love Island, Horse and Lower). The island is not big, but it only benefits in the beauty and comfort. Outsiders can only get here by swimming, so while you there you won`t meet any strangers or other tourists. Let's talk about the hospitality of the hosts, who are willing to sacrifice everything in the world for the sake of the guests. And another attractive feature of the island – there is no tiresome midges (including mosquitoes!) That can turn the most attractive holiday by the river in to the disaster.

We were given some rest and refreshment, after the road, and soon we were invited to the first river rafting. Security takes a very important place in the “Extreme party” Each element is adapted for rafting strictly individually for every tourist to feel comfortable and ready, if anything, to any twists and turns on the water. The instructor clearly explains the basics and safety, and then puts the crew in various places, and go!

About the beauty of these places (protected by UNESCO as a monument of nature!) photos will speak better, as they say in Odessa, it's a must see! Surrounded by thick vegetation rocks, rapid river flow and a variety of plant forms - it stagger the imagination! The local scenery is so exquisite that sometimes you catch yourself thinking that you are not in Ukraine, but in some powdered Switzerland that’s when national pride overwhelms immensely. Plus, every place along the alloy has its own unique history and its own "flavor". Growing as an elephant rock out of the water, which received the same name; radon lake with healing properties, lurking in a rocky gorge, Strawberry Glade (a delicious place!), A carpet of juicy mint and chebretsa - not the whole list of attractions that are open to tourists during the alloy. And that's before we talk about rafting, which in itself is a storm of emotions!

First thresholds (minor in complexity) newly formed team is passing without a problem, getting used to a cohesive work and learning the correct response to steering commands. Further - more difficult rapids, more adrenaline. The route is laid in such a way that the person far from rafting, will be able to feel the energy of the water element and will be gradually drawn into the unknown adventure. Oddly enough, but you learn quickly in these campaigns, especially with a good instructor (this, by the way, is the main distinguishing feature of the extreme party. Here are taught only the best of the best). After two and a half hours (at the time flew by!) approach to serious rapids (for beginners), which becomes a kind of test of aptitude. It was only taken after the last mark you get the same "high" that forever imprinted in the memory! You did it - tells you the inner "I", which was up to the last test still doubted in their own ability!

At the end of the route we are waiting for the UAZ, which takes us and our ship. Local rafting fun called this "uazing"! Oddly enough, but tiredness is not felt. Apparently, the "pinning" adrenaline makes the body feel anything but euphoric.

How great is fish and barbecue here! In one word, the partners are great. Everything is done at the European level and with a European scope. Place is for many tourists, equipment for rafting - also more than enough. Delights field kitchens are not inferior to any home, and this is very important for recuperation. In general, "excellent", and the matter is not that they are our partners and we need to talk about them just fine. Our group traveled to different places and we have something to compare. It was really cool!

For those who are not familiar with these still - extreme party, we suggest you try and see for yourself the veracity of our resume. We are ready to tell the residents of Odessa about our partners discovered the joys of life on the rough river!

Valery Sinkovsky 

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