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Proposal for volunteers or how to spend a vacation with advantage for body and soul

For the first time in the Odessa , Odessa citizens and guests of our town can not only visit a real archaeological expedition, but also take part in it, and at the same time get practical skills in such a romantic and fascinating fact, such as searching for treasures and ancient artifacts..

In the modern world, it`s not that hard to get to excavations by tour vouchers. The world has  rapidly reacted to the increasingly popular «archaeological tourism» and  offers from Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, India and many other countries with interesting historical geography started to come immediately However, the concept of "archaeological tourism" is not quite accurate. After all, people involved in the expedition, are not tourists in the classic sense of this word. Could more accurately be to call them partners, helping physically and sometimes financially conducting scientific expeditions, and receiving at the same time unique skills in practical archeology.

Who the volunteers are and why they are interested

Most often, research centers are gaining volunteers to help in the archaeological works through the Internet. In many cases, participation in such expeditions are for free, but will require volunteers to  get to the place  of excavations by themselves, as well as most pay for their own accommodation and meals. In other expeditions they collect a minimum amount of 5-8 euros per person from volunteers for the basic amenities (cleaning, toilets, showers). Also you will need at least a minimal knowledge of English language.

Tourist who chose such an unusual kind of leisure, will be able to listen to lectures about the history, culture and architecture, and go on trips and scientific debates, learn new skills and meet interesting people. This kind of tourism is very popular and is widely represented in Greece, Israel, and more recently in Russia and Ukraine. Recall that in the course of such archaeological vacation a tourist from the UK found in Jerusalem a treasure of Byzantine gold coins proved to be the largest in the history of excavations in the city.

In one camp at the same time can live and work 100-150 people. Working week is 5-6 days. Working Day - 6-7 hours, on  Saturdays it is shortened. Depending on the size of the expedition members can stay in it from 3 days to six months, living in tents and cooking their own meals in the field.

Daily routine looks like this: up at 6 am. Every day is reduced to a simple schedule: morning - breakfast, excavation, lunch, excavation, free time. During bad weather excavations are suspended. In the nearby archaeological field camp, for an additional fee, you can listen to lectures on the field of archeology, anthropology, archaeological drawing, or visit the workshops. At these conditions (up to 150 UAH per day, per person including lectures and amenities) eXteam company is ready to receive and place, at the venue of Lower Dniester expedition of the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, volunteers from around the world who want with their work to join the mysteries of ancient history.

What can be found

One of the most attractive areas for arheological tourists, can be called Black and Azov Seas. Confirmation of this - a huge number of artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations in Odessa area. Among these tools: utensils, statues, weapons, coins and jewelery. But the most valuable find was discovered in the village of Orlovka, Odessa region - a treasure  of electrum (an alloy of gold and silver) coins of the city of Cyzicus, which is the second largest in the world. Culture of Scythian tribes that lived at that time in the steppes of the Black Sea, contains materials of the settlements (bronze cauldrons and other utensils and ornaments and burials), and weapon items. At the end of the first millennium BC Scythians  were pressed by the Sarmatians, after which in the III-IV centuries. BC,  formed a union of tribes so-called "Chernyahiv culture."

Archaeological evidence more than once confirmed the truthfulness of historical sources, in which the above mentioned peoples occupied our land during different periods of time. Thanks to the peculiarities of the local climate, many antiquities have survived almost intact. Another benefit of Ukraine as a whole - the presence of the areas where for a long time not conducted industrial or agricultural activities. For scientists, an archaeological field experience in similar conditions is invaluable..

Contact us!

by phone: (048) 743-35-72, (097) 808-87-78

or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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