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Geography of the Ovidiopol land in ancient time

It is a fact we have always known that ancient settlement existed on the territory of the fortress - Ovidiopol that we could see and even touch...

In the beginning of the season on the north-western part of the fortress was discovered an antique layer, but not strongly marked. We even managed to restore the krater- vessel of which we have already mentioned before.


Now this is a "star" of museum of the Adzhider fortress. Collapse occurred of Heraclean amphorae of the IV century BC and the sacral slightly burnt container and the bronze coin, defined now as Syracuse rebound to the king Hiero II (275 - 215 years BC).
More recently,the Geography links of Ovidiopol ancient settlements expanded considerably. We have found a 2 marks:

Фасосское клеймо
Гераклейское клеймо

- a mark attached to the handle of an amphora, broken off, but with a well-preserved image of a spear (spearhead);
- a mark on the wall of the amphora, it is a semicircular, with three letters inside of the "mark", which denoting likely the name of the eponymous archon.
So it is safe to say that the ancient settlement on the territory of the fortress Adzhider had a wide range of geographical ties from the Mediterranean to the south bank of Black Sea.

Sergei Sudnik

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