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The Legend of Nogay

It's been two months' of the «Expedition 53», and the truth about Ovidiopol-Adzhider fortress became known a little more. It's time to create legends… Because "the place without the legend" is a blank space. The main thing is for a legend not to  turn into an outright stupidity. And also important for it to have a little but historic grain.

When scanning territory of the fortress by metal detectors, we found a small bronze coin. On the obverse - the image similar to the child's drawing of sun, on the back - solid patina through which hardly seen something like a two-pronged fork. And immediately came to mind the name – Nogay.

This great Mongol XIII century, was a distant relative of Genghis Khan, he could not become a Khan  precisely because of the distance of kinship. The Mongols believed that the universe belongs to changizidam, and at the end of the XIII century there  was still a dime a dozen of direct descendants of Genghis Khan..By the way there are still lots of them : genetics recently calculated that Changizovoy drops of blood flow in the veins of twenty millions of our contemporaries

But at that time there  were still children and grandchildren of Changizi and his great-grandson from the seventh son had a good chance to make a career, but could not even dream of becoming an independent ruler. Nogay dreamed, and actually became one.

At the end of the XIII century, he was able to become an independent ruler of a large state with its center at Odessa region, in Budjak. The Tartar was very powerful! The emperor of Byzantium gave him gorgeous women. He fought the khans and aristocrats-Genghisides of a Golden Horde.He was deciding who should be the king of Bulgaria and to whom from the contenders for this crown to put head under executioner's sword. His grace sought by kings and princes of Russia, Lithuania, Serbia and Hungary. Only from one campaign from Poland, he brought 21,000 girls. In general, this frightening "wild Tartar" of all "civilized Europeans" frightened by his deeds, and his views. George Pahimer, Byzantine historian, has a very  imaginative piece, when the Byzantine emperor sent precious robes, to Nogay, but he was not interested in the value as well in the utility of these garments. And then - a brilliant episode: «If he was not stopped, he tore the clothes that were sent in, and when tried on the others - it is only out of friendship to the king, but only for a moment, and then once again he was in his dog or sheep clothes, and proud of it more than of those precious.»
And exactly Nogay minted coins such as the one that was found by us: with the image of the Heavenly God Tengri on the obverse.

Монета Ногая, чеканенная в Крыму

And at the end of his life he seem to fulfilled his dream. Khan declared himself independent. Khan Tokhta who ruled then over the Golden Horde did not like it, but our "budzhakets Nogay" quickly "persuaded" the young Khan. He did not even defend himself: in 1298 Nogay went downtown of Tokhta holdings, to the Don, and under the current Aqsa blew Horde Khan blew to smithereens. 

And here Nogay made a fatal mistake. He did not fulfill the covenant of Changizi Khan: to haunt any enemy until its  complete destruction, "until the last sea." In order not to leave no enemys. In order to leave no one... and Nogay stepped into the Danube-Dniester native steppe which have already became so native.

A year later Tokhta regained strength, and the Nogay`s star had rolled. His army was defeated near the Kuyalnik estuary, in Odessa. Nogay was killed by Russian soldiers who fought under the horsetail of Tokhta. Mongol Khan executed Rusichah because he was not supposed to shed changizovu blood on the ground.

Now let's ask ourselves question: how could Nogay`s coin be in Ovidiopil fortress? And the answer is: it could have been dropped by one of the soldiers, marching to the winning the battle of Aksai, or a fatal one on Kuyal'nitsk field

Could Nogay lead army from Budjak here, on the territory of present Ovidiopol? Answer: was obliged to. Because the army and the fighting horses had to drink before the battle. And how many abundant sources on the left bank of the Dniester estuary do we know than Ovidiopol "Springs".

Other examples of Nogay`s coins

So our version is that this coin has dropped by Nogay himself, moving on to the last battlefield of his life. It is, copper and low-value coin, mislaid in the folds of his clothes from sheep skin, which is so unexpected on the great lord, on the spot was astounding pampered and already degraded Byzantines.

Dmitry Stadnik

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